Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions apply to 6Dcasino, our Privacy Policy, and User Agreement. Each page contains a clear link that allows users of any platform to access and utilize this website. Thus, your use of this site acknowledges your acceptance of these Conditions.

You are responsible for reading and understanding our terms. In addition, by opening an account on the site or in the app, you agree to the 6dcasino Terms and Conditions.

Below are the rules applicable to our 6dcasino account.

  1. Definitions

An “Affiliate” is a person or company that helps promote the products and services of our partners at rates. 

“Betting Partner” is a bookmaker company that we promote on our website. 

The “Content” on our website includes any text, images, videos, or other materials.

  1. Use of Our Website

You must be over 21 years old to use our site. You can do this by providing age confirmation.

  • You are permitted to use our website for legitimate purposes and must comply with our rules.
  • Our website is not intended for persons under 21 years of age.
  • This means that you can’t do anything illegal wherever you are.
  • Being dishonest or doing something illegal is what you can do.
  • Do not send any commercial or promotional materials to other people. This includes spam, email, spam, or any other form of enforcement.
  • Do not impersonate someone else on the internet. This includes impersonating us, anybody else, or another user.

You may not do anything that prevents others from using our site or puts them at risk. It includes everything illegal.

  1. Affiliate Program

A partnership program with 6dcasino is a way to earn money for an agent. The agent will pay a commission if someone purchases his link. Thus, an agent can earn more money as sales increase with our online platform.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights protect the rights of people who create ideas, inventions, or works of art. This means that these people can control how their ideas are used and earn money if sold.

The company, its affiliates, and their licensors own all the site’s content, including software, data, written materials, illustrations, images, pictures, graphics, videos, music, and other content.

Using the site, you agree not to remove or modify any copyright or property rights notice on the Site or Site Content.

The company owns the rights to certain trademarks and trade names used on our site. These trademarks and trade names belong to the company, its affiliates, and licensors.

Trademarks and content on our website are protected by copyright. You agree not to use them without the prior permission of the owner.

  1. Limitation of Liability

The company and its affiliates are not responsible for any loss or damage you or a third party may suffer from using the Site or the Services. This includes any loss or damage that may arise from loss of business, profit (including loss of expected profit), or business interruption.

The company, its affiliates, and licensors are not liable for any damage arising from your use of any link to the site or the content of any other website linked to the website.

You agree that the company will not be liable if the Site or Service does not function properly.

  1. Indemnification

You undertake to defend us from any legal concerns that may emerge from your use of the Site or the Services. Implies that if we are sued for something you did while using the Site or the Services, you will contribute to the cost of the suit.

  1. You will only be able to use the Site or the Services if you breach the terms of our agreement.
  2. If you break the Law while using our site or services, you can also face legal issues.
  3. The government establishes laws dictating what is and isn’t acceptable.
  1. Governing Law

By using the Site or the Services, you agree that you will use them following the laws of the Philippine Entertainment and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).

  1. The trial will take place in the Philippines and will be handed over by a single arbitrator.
  2. The language used in the arbitration process must be English.
  3. The Philippines must serve as the site of the arbitration.
  4. The substantive laws of the Philippines shall govern this arbitration agreement.
  1. Changes to Terms and Conditions

If we change the Terms of Service, we will immediately notify you. It is your responsibility to keep you informed of any changes, so you can be assured that you receive the best service.

We may change the agreement from time to time. Any changes will come into effect 14 days after their publication on the site or earlier if required by Law. You agree to accept any changes to the agreement, even if you do not see them posted on the site.

You are responsible for reading the terms of the agreement, and we encourage you to check the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy frequently.

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